Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday 5:15pm

Caroline was here and cleaned (she comes every two weeks). It is warmer in here today, but I hate to close the windows. It is so windy that it was trying to blow the tablecloth off the table--well, and everything else, too. Happens to be coming my direction today.
Karma and I have been out on the gusty porch all afternoon. I have been reading another book from Duane--about the history of the American Indian Ghost Dance. I needed to change positions again and get up to stretch, so I came in and finally made my first smoothie! I told you I am slow to get to things anymore--I've had the new blender since the 3rd! But last night when I went shopping with Dagan at the grocery store I got yogurt and sherbet and plain soy milk, and having more ingredients combined with it being so warm today(87 degrees) finally got me motivated enough to try the new blender. My first smoothie has blueberries, orange juice, orange sherbet, ice cubes, and plain yogurt--oh and a frozen banana! Really yummy!!! Wow! I can sure see myself getting more fruit down me this way--hehe!
Short and sweet this afternoon. I'm heading back out to read and devour my smoothie! :)

PS Since they worked on this site a couple days ago, now when I post I lose all my paragraph breaks and everything just is smashed together!! Sorry, but it is not me making this difficult to read. And I can't find any way to email them to complain, either? Very annoying!!! Maybe I'll have to start coloring each paragraph a different color if they can't fix this soon. ??

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