Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Slept late. A puttery day. Finished watching what I had of the second season of Deadwood. I think I have one more DVD yet to arrive. Still excellent and leaving me waiting for season three to be released! I am very much a Deadwood fan!

Opposite reaction: I was watching Stephen King's last creep-show specials tonight on TNT (Nightmares and Dreamscapes) and they are so pathetic that I just can't finish. I passed last week's offerings altogether and have found that keeping myself busy doing other things while they are on is the only way I can even keep the shows on at all to bother to find out what happens in the end. (Not that King usually has satisfying endings, anyways.) Such decent actors and such terribly lame programs. They are all easily twice as long as they could be, in the first place. Actually, they're five minute ideas that have been stretched out into an hour. Sad. I am sure glad I taped 30 Days!!

Tonight was my night to figure out my budget for the month--get my check tomorrow. Trying to figure out how to fit in some ink for my printer and a blender. Will just have to cut back on food again, I guess. Such is life. :)

I need something "good" sweet around as a substitute for the bad sweets. I have wanted to try to make smoothies and sorbets this summer with frozen fruit, but have no blender. If I don't get one soon, summer will be over. I ran out of my sherbet (and everything else sweet, for that matter) and was searching thru the cupboards for something--anything--sweet. I am giving up so many other things that I suppose it makes the sweets even more important to me--or maybe it's just plain hormones--ha!

Anyways, I discovered some very old baker's chocolate in the pantry and the next thing I knew -- I had brownies! Not a good thing for my healthy diet. So, that backsliding event was the real catalyst for me needing a blender this month. I need to make sure I have enough healthier things to satisfy my sweet tooth for the whole month--apples, cereal, fruits, whatever. And I will go to ToChi's tomorrow with Leah and get the rest of the ingredients to make up my own wheatless flour--so I can make muffins and cookies, too. I will be learning how to make them with applesauce for sweetener, etc--healthier versions, at least. Rice and beans are pretty cheap. I won't starve, that's for sure. Thank goodness my tests didn't indicate any problem with sweets/diabetes!

Big day--for me--tomorrow. Dagan's coming again over lunch to try the spare brain stuff for the computers again. Then later Leah and I will be all over the place--Dr. John's, ToChi's, Office Max, Bed Bath &Beyond (with my 20% off coupon), and who knows where else? I will probably come home broke, sore, exhausted--but hopefully with a blender and some printer ink? :) :)

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