Thursday, August 31, 2006


We brought back the supplements from Apex Energetics and SP. I forgot that Dr. John wasn't doing adjustments after the 28th, and he had gone to Arizona for a week. So, we explained to Erica and are waiting to hear back. Pam emailed me and found Apex online and it said they only take back unopened bottles and charge you 12% to take them back! Certainly no money back guarantee there, eh? So, I am sure that is what we will hear back from Erica eventually. I'm glad we returned them when we did, I guess.
Lessons learned are sometimes costly, but it is always a good and positive thing to have learned another lesson. :)
I had my first adjustment with Dr. Mike. He does things a little differently, of course. He does this pressure thing, pressing with his hands where he kind of stretched my lower back, and that felt good. And when he did the hammer in a spot on my neck that really hurt, he massaged out the knot, he said. Nice! I'll be seeing him on Monday.
We went to Dagan and Leah's afterwards. From the grill Leah and I had tofu hotdogs and Dagan had brats. While we ate all three of us watched the videos I found on the Shaklee website where you can meet the new owner and hear about the product, etc. Dagan gave his "official approval" for Leah to start it up as a business as soon as she feels ready. :) She wants to wait until she knows she is feeling better and so do I--we want the proof for ourselves first. But we both have had such strong feelings that this is right, and both have gotten zapped about Shaklee, that we feel pretty sure we will!
After that Leah & I worked on our Shaklee order and filled out the paperwork. Leah put in a call to Renae and waited for her to call back (the specials only went to the end of August). No painting last night.

Dagan went off to play X-Box. Leah pointed out to me that both Dagan and I have these funny faces when we are concentrating hard--mouths hanging open. I guess I do the same thing when I am painting, crafting, or sometimes even watching TV or a movie. Hey! We are in the zone!!

Dagan gave me a ride home. Leah called me after she heard back from Renae. Pam called me while I was typing her an email--again! hehe! Can't tell we are all excited about this, eh? It is just nice to know it is such a pure product and they are so concerned with the earth -- that means a lot to me. The company hasn't "sold out" in all these years since I was a kid selling Basic-H door to door. I think I expected that it would have, to be honest. And have been so delighted that the company hasn't changed. Word of mouth and sticking to their own set of high standards for 50 years. Not an easy thing to do.

I was so excited with talking about Shaklee, Healing Touch (Leah is still interested in taking classes), and possibly even Dagan & Leah building a self-sustaining home in the country one day(!!!!) that I had a hard time getting to sleep. But once I did, I slept 10 hours and only woke up twice!! I could use several days like that after not sleeping well for 2 1/2 weeks. I am just physically drained--but the brain is going a mile a minute--hehe! I slept so long because it was a dark and rainy day today.

Tonight I am watching a two-part special from the Empire Falls book from my friend Ruby! :)

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