Monday, August 21, 2006


Dagan and I stopped off at Moorhead Center Mall before Dr. John's today. Dagan and Leah are trying to see how this new Moorhead Internet company will work. He needed an antenna to reach out to the balcony/outside to see if he can get any reception--so far they have nothing. If it does work, they might drop Cable One. Go Moorhead is less than half the cost, I think? I hope it works for them.

I didn't feel up to going over and cooking tonight so I just had Dagan bring me home. Was actually more the eating than the cooking--ha! The supplements have just been generally upsetting to my stomach--still. Dr. John did some of the NET work on the upset stomach problem today, so we'll see if I notice any changes.
When I walked in the door Karma was waiting for me by the bookcases in the hallway near the door--snoozing.

She's been lazy today. It got up to around 80 degrees. I didn't wanted to shut the windows, so it is a little warmer in here--and Karma especially loves to lounge and snooze in the heat. Plus, I didn't sleep very well and was up and down a lot--so much so that Karma gave up sleeping on the bed with me altogether and laid in the hallway by the bathroom. That way she'd know every time I was up, but wouldn't have to move. I'd stop and pat her on the head and say "Hi, Baby Girl" when I went by and she'd give me a little acknowledgment meow in return. (She and I converse all the time.)

Well, I have to go make some dinner.

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