Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday 9pm

Since I have been in the mood to take pictures of old stuff--hehe! This is the first painting I did at the watercolor class I went to at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo a few years back--maybe 3? We used real leaves and saran wrap with this one. It hangs behind Gracie's cage these days.

And this was the other painting from that class. We got a sketch of a poinsettia that we could do whatever we wanted with. I made mine white and found out I really love color! :)

Many of you have seen both of these as cards I had printed up at Office Max--and may see more of them, as I have some left--hehe! Odd looking Christmas cards that rainbow poinsettia painting made, to be sure! But--can't say it wasn't an original--chuckle!

I am a dabbler.

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