Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Leah got the chance to go with her sister and a girlfriend to, I think, a gaming convention in Indianapolis! Like an 11 hour drive, Dagan said. They left at 9am this morning. So, she will be gone until Sunday. I hope they have a safe trip and a great time! We cancelled painting tonight and Dr. John's tomorrow. Dagan works late on Thursdays, so I told him I'd just pass this time. I so rarely miss appointments and don't want to change things around for him at work. After my adjustment on Monday I've felt much better sitting, so Dr. John pounded something back into place--ha!

Closed the apartment up and have the AC on again. It is not really super hot temperature-wise (85), but it is just sticky and thick outside. Supposed to be possibilities of scattered thunderstorms coming thru for the next couple of days, I guess.

I brought my laptop with me to Dagan and Leah's on Monday and left it for him to work on. I think he was going to try to copy the laptop brains onto his computer and then move them again over here or something like that? I am truly confused now about how the spare brain thing works. Dagan came over for lunch today and started the laptop doing something? But, it didn't finish this time either--a box with a red X came up and stopped the procedure. I just called him to leave a message and asked him what to do. (Maybe it is because it is a laptop or because it's a Dell? Dagan says that shouldn't make any difference, but we had no trouble with my desk computer at all?)

I do have my laptop back, tho, and can do morning pages tomorrow! Funny how you get into routines. Even Karma and Gracie are used to my morning routine and having that extra 30-60 minutes before they have to really wake up. I just get coffee, sit on the bed & type, and flip on the weather channel. On a good day I also go thru emails--delete junk mail mostly and read as many others as I can before I get too sore and have to move. We'll be back to the usual morning routine tomorrow--unless Dagan comes after work and confiscates the errant laptop?

Our big box of supplements arrived by UPS this afternoon! But now I can't find my sheet with the amounts and times of day, etc. I had it at Dr. John's--and then we went to Dagan and Leah's. I could have left it at Dagan and Leah's, but I thought I had it in my purse? Just seems I would have put it someplace where I could have found it right away when the box came so I could sort my bottles out of there?? All my life I had been so organized and had such a good memory. This is one of the things that is frustrating about having fibromyalgia--the fibro fog! I hate it! When I am sore and exhausted, especially, I just can't concentrate well. Can't think! Brain doesn't function properly. And my memory is just generally not what it used to be. One of the many health issues that forced me out of college a couple years ago. I guess I could try and call the clinic.....

Okay--I just called. Erica is so sweet! Got all my information I need. I can always ask for another copy of the sheets on Monday if I don't find it. Now I can separate Leah's and my bottles of supplements. She won't be back till Sunday, but I wanted to start mine tomorrow.

Yesterday I watched The Wedding Crashers, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and Tsotsi. Crashers was pretty lame--tried to be poignant in the end. :(

Three Burials was really different and hard to describe--but I really enjoyed it more than I had expected I would. Here's the description from Netflix:

Tommy Lee Jones stars in and directs this dark comedy set on the Texas-Mexico border. After accidentally killing a man, heartless border patrol officer Mike (Barry Pepper) quickly buries the body in an unmarked grave. But ranch foreman Pete Perkins (Jones) learns of his friend's death, kidnaps Mike and drags him on a harrowing journey to Mexico to bury the man in his hometown. Julio Cesar Cedillo, January Jones and Dwight Yoakam co-star.

Tsotsi was really engrossing for me--teared up a time or two, I tell you! Here's the description from Netflix:

This Oscar-winning Best Foreign Language film shows that no soul is too far gone from being reformed. After shooting a woman and driving off in her car, Tsotsi (Presley Chweneyagae), a ruthless thug, is surprised to discover he isn't alone, kept company by a crying infant in the backseat. He grudgingly takes the child home, and through his efforts to care for the tyke, Tsotsi slowly rediscovers his compassion, self-respect and capacity to love.

I had wondered if I could copy and paste from another source into the blog, but never tried it. It works! tada! But, I cannot copy and paste my very own typed words? Strange. Now I know I can copy the synopsis of any movie I am watching from Netflix! Nice! Gives you a better idea of what I am watching--because I do pick some strange stuff to watch, as Dagan and Leah would say. Not well known movies, I guess. When I do order the well known movies (like the Crashers movie) I am disappointed half the time.

Today I have Me and You and Everyone We Know and All About My Mother to watch. I have the rest of the week and the weekend off! No appointments! As usual I want to sleep, rest, read, watch TV, and paint/craft. I did start another wildflower painting for practice last night, too, BTW. A close up of a sunflower. So, I will probably do a second glazing of the petals pretty soon here, too.

I just thought--I hope they have fixed this so that I have breaks between the paragraphs again? *sigh* Oh well...gotta go.

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