Sunday, August 06, 2006


Here's Karma in the cubby hole last night. Quite a bit bigger than she used to be, but she managed to fit.

She was a bit cramped, but she stayed there with me. Just glad to be allowed up on the desk.

This morning I caught Karma doing her other little trick that she's too big to do any more--trying to climb up behind the laptop while I am doing morning pages.

Here's the other end. She doesn't quite fit, even when I pull the laptop toward me a couple inches, so she keeps one foot on the bed for security.

Here's my trusty little green cart that I bought when I moved here and now have an elevator! Can haul all kinds of things now! I can't lift much or carry long because of permanent muscle injury to my left arm and tearing the rotor cuff on my good arm a couple of years ago--so this has helped with my being more independent! Love my little green cart!

Today is Sacred Circle over at Dagan and Leah's. Jennifer is picking me up in a couple of hours and dropping me off afterwards.

I really overdid it yesterday because I felt good. Suffering for it today. Oh well. I washed clothes, sliced the meats from the grocery delivery, baked some "healthy" chocolate chip bars (not the sweetest things in the world), and then got started on labeling and storing the entire stack of dry goods I had on the counter! With breaks, I got done at 3am. I did just way too much in one day for me. And I slept terribly--up and down--fitfull sleep. I was even dreaming about trying to sleep and being interrupted and woken up! So, I couldn't sleep here or in my dreams--haha!

So, other than Sacred Circle--doing nothing else today. In fact, I think I might have to take a pain pill to make it thru this evening. Hate to use the few I have left, but pain interferes with my ability to concentrate--and I need to be able to be relaxed and thinking for Sacred Circle. (They are mild pills--low dosage.)

With the changes to my body the past months from getting the adjustments from Dr. John, sometimes I think it has just plain thrown off my ability to judge how far I can push myself. I used to know pretty accurately--from years of trial and error. But now--my body doesn't feel quite the same and the pain moves around to different areas of my back depending on where he is adjusting. I am not as accurate a judge of the after-effects of activity any longer. That is not a bad thing--because I am able to do more than I used to. I just have to learn and adjust to my body's new and changing rules--hehe! And--as usual--I tend to be overly optimisitc!! It will all balance out eventually, I'm sure. And I will end up in a better place, physically, than I was for the last thirteen years--(especially the last three or four). Just takes time. :)

Windows open again! Only 83 degrees today and sunny. Was very cool last night--and supposed to be the same tonight and tomorrow, too. I am off to read on the porch!! :)

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