Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve-5pm

Happy New Year!!!
It is already getting dark outside. I will be heading to my table to clear it off and get ready for my usual new year greetings! I light a candle or two and put on some soothing music. I write down my goals for the new year, do an angel card, and the burning bowl ceremony. I have been writing down things I want to send off to The Universe for a week or so--for the burning bowl ceremony. I have a LOT of things I am grateful for this year. More gratitudes than wishes I guess this year. :)
We had rain! It melted almost all the snow. Then it snowed again. On the surface, it looks about the same out there--but there's a layer of ice underneath that snow! I pray for all the people who are out and about to be safe tonight. And I hope Dagan and Leah have a safe trip back from Canada tomorrow, too!
Happy, Happy New Year to everybody!!!
May this be the best year ever!!

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