Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday-8 pm

This is the angel from over my bed. She's seen a lot of me lately--hehe! I am feeling better--mostly just exhausted now. The thing that has kept me off the computer has been the headaches. Even have had flashes of light off to the side of my vision off and on.

Anyways, the pressure in my head is still there. I cancelled on the stamp class tomorrow afternoon. Just on R&R for now. Sleeping when I can--which is during the day again right now. I don't care when I am sleeping--just letting the recooping take its own course.

I have been playing, very slowly, with watercolors--a couple of wildflower paintings of purple coneflowers. Traced them, masked them, and did the wash backgrounds. Not sure if they will be keepers or end up in the trash--(well, actually, they'd end up in the recyle box for papermaking)--but that is what learning and practice is all about, right? I just wanted to be doing something when I have to move from place to place.

The pain level has gone down. Things should be getting back to normal here soon. :) Here I thought I was getting better and it took a turn for the worse with the headache pressure. Oh well--this too shall pass.

I have been watching Dagan and Leah's FarScape and Firefly DVDs. So I have been busy visiting outer space while I have been not feeling well--hehe! And I decided to order totally silly movies for an escape. Got You, Me and Dupree and My Super Ex-Girlfriend for some mindless entertainment tonight.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi--let you know I am still alive up here. Really cold. They expect highs of around minus 15 degrees all weekend. Stay warm! :)

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