Saturday, June 09, 2007


So exciting! Like Christmas! The Jerry's Artarama order came yesterday.

The Golden Panda Master Brush set was on sale till the end of June and so were several of the items I bought. Plus I had an extra 10% off my entire order for being a past customer, too. :)

The oriental brush set kind of dwarfs my other brushes--hehe!

You can also use them for any kind of watercolor painting--not only the oriental brush painting. So I figured if I really stunk at it and couldn't get the hang of it--I can still use the brushes, right? I have read that it takes a lot of practice, so it is not something you can instantly do well. Don't expect me to be posting finished pictures any time soon--hehe! :)
I am off to attempt to make my own tiny travel palette from an Altoids tin....

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