Friday, June 01, 2007


Here's the other strip of plastic I am now keeping by the porch door. Today it is misty wet, but I can keep the door open and have that nice fresh air coming in even though it is raining pretty hard off and on. Glad I thought of this! :)

I actually felt a little better last night after getting some sleep for three days. Got to cleaning and reorganizing. Made room for the future brush set that will be coming in June.

And got the two new slim satchels a place under the saggy shelf--and dusted and cleaned up a couple of shelves. Not that you would probably know the difference, but I do--hehe! I even made a little free space for some of the new things that will be coming (supplies for the Chinese Brush Painting).

Still raining. Been raining for eight days the weather man said. And we are still expecting rain through the weekend.
Leah came over on Wednesday briefly. She took the maroon chair apart from the base. Turns out there were some broken and bent metal rings inside there. That is why it listed to the left. She took them with her to check with HOM Furniture to see if they will order the parts for us or will give her the name of the company to contact. Leah just kind of set the chair together--so nobody but Karma can sit on it. Karma believes it is her chair--but, for a while anyways, she is correct and it truly IS only her chair--hehe! I'm not sure why I find that so amusing?
I slept again last night! During the night!! And was up by 11:30am! Things are getting back to my normal--tada! What a relief! :)

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