Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My view from the porch this morning! Yes--the porch!! The carpet is dry and the weather has cooled off. Karma and I spent a gorgeous morning out here!! First time without Gracie eeping nervously at us from the little green cage on the porch or screeching and calling from the living room until we came back in. Most enjoyable and peaceful time ever on the porch. :)
I got an email from Lois. I had asked her how Gracie was doing. She said that Gracie was happy and being ardently pursued by "Woody" who was singing his little heart out to her and following her around--but she was still in shock and not responding to him yet. She is with seven other cockatiels! (Some will be adopted and more will arrive over time.) I'm hoping that once she settles down (she's a born nervous Nellie) that Woody will win her over. She is very happy to be with the other birds, tho. I thought she be thrilled to meet a "real boy"--but Woody coming at her is just as scary as a human hand, I guess. Well, not quite. She isn't threatening him or biting him--hehe! It made me feel so good to hear that Miss Gracie is happy as part of a flock! :)
Caroline is coming this afternoon. It is so nice to have all the windows open and the porch door open--ahhhh!!! I will go sit on the porch while she vacuums and be out of her way. :)
I got the trash gathered and ready for her. This morning I wheeled down the box of brown paper towels to the storage area. That's about it for the arm for today. In a couple of days it should be better. I haven't gotten it to burning like this for a long, long time. Dumb! I should have known better than to have cleaned all those brushes at the same time. That is what set it off. My own fault.
Since I have been feeling a little better (due to Shaklee and The Secret), I seem to be going thru some kind of reverse learning process. I can do a little more, so I am finding out by trial and error just how much more I can do. Kind of like when I was finding out just how much less I could do by trial and error years ago--hehe! I misjudge and pay for it for a while. At least these days it is because I am slowly able to do more!! :):) I get excited and overestimate what I am capable of. Got to back down a bit, I guess. Take it a little slower--hehe!
Anyways, it is a beautiful, sunny day! Have a good one!

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