Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Miss Gracie is leaving tonight.

I was trying to get pictures of her last night. She was pacing for a while because I was up by the cage too much. (She has bitten me twice in the last couple of weeks--wants to nest.) She is not a bad bird, just lonely and wanting bird company. I hope she is very happy when she gets with other cockatiels--poor thing! She's never made a very good "pet" bird.

Been raining. During the night I lost electricity enough for it to get warm in here? I think the fans coming back on woke me up. So, I didn't get much sleep--four hours. Going to be tired tonight.
I packed up Gracie's foods and treats last night--and a few toys. I think I am going to send her tiny porch cage with her. They can use it for parakeets or lovebirds or finches. Gracie is familiar with it--so she won't be as scared either.
I have a six page form to fill out today with information about Gracie. That is what actually got me out of bed--kept thinking I had to get that done today while I was lying there trying to get back to sleep but it was too warm. So--I am off to work on the form...

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