Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This little angel sits in my bathroom on a box filled with bars of soap. I keep forgetting I have a few more pictures of angels around the apartment.

The last couple nights I have slept for just a few hours, woke up, and then couldn't get back to sleep again. I finally give up after about an hour of lying in bed and decide to just sit up and read for a while.

Been having my "pain dreams"--that is what I am waking up to in the middle of the night. I guess I should just take the pain pills before I go to bed for a few nights and maybe that will help? (Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't--pretty mild, but I don't want strong ones so that I am zonked out.) I know I wasn't going to talk about my health issues, but they just kind of take over my life half the time. The dream I was having in the middle of the night last night was about somebody exchanging my blood with something that burned and prickled sharply all over my body. I was telling somebody that I was trying to get used to the process and numb myself to the pain, but it wasn't working so well--and then I woke up. I certainly have a lot of inventive ways to incorporate the pain into my dreams, that's for sure. hehe!

I laid back down about 6:30am and was finally sleeping really well--when Gracie started a continous calling/screeching to me about 11am. I thought she would quit if I didn't make a sound and didn't move. Laid there until 11:30am because I was too exhausted to do anything else--and afraid if I did have any energy that I'd just yell back at her and that is pointless. Miss Gracie is rather, well, dumb as a post, as they say--sad, but true--and it is unfair to expect more from the mentally challenged. But I did wonder as I lay there listening to the unending repetitive screeching call--is this driving my neighbors crazy, too--why is she suddenly doing this after all these years--why is my life being controlled by a bird--could I actually find a good place for her and give her away.....???

And what did she want, you may ask. Not my company. She cheerfully went from one mirror inside the cage to the mirror on top of the cage, chatted with her "boyfriend", and mastubated on the perch. *sigh* It is spring.

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