Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My student easel is up now and I have room to put a TV tray to the right of me to hold a palette, too! It was really weird with it being a big empty space there, so it feels better to have something completely different in that spot.

I knew Karma would want to lie on that bottom shelf and, since it is a folding shelf and not an expensive easel in the first place, I was afraid it might break. I looked around for something to support it from underneath--the sturdy red box the brush set came in almost fit. I folded a towel and put that on top of it--perfect! Now Karma can lie there if she wants to and not bend or break anything. :)

Really odd thing....??? I had always had a full-spectrum light bulb in the lamp up on the bookcase over Gracie ever since I brought her home almost five years ago, right? Went to turn the lamp on last night for the first time since she left--burnt out! Dead as a doornail! Strange, eh? It has worked every single day for five years.....???

Another bright sunny morning! I have been up and down--sleeping whenever I am tired. Really, truly can sleep or nap whenever I want to, as long as I want to! I still can't quite belive it, but I am really appreciating it! Resting my arm, being good. Getting antsy to do something artsy (sumi-e painting, sketching, etc) but I should wait until tomorrow or Friday--see how the arm is doing. *sigh* Thank goodness I have some Netflix movies coming today in the mail. :) Such a beautiful day!!

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