Thursday, June 07, 2007


More angels! This artistic angel cup was a gift from my mom and dad. :)

We had a tornado watch until 4am last night. This afternoon it was pouring and we had thunder that shook the ground. Rain for ten days--2 dry days--and now it is back to rain again. No wonder we have flood watch going on up here. They've been building dykes along the river in town. I saw on the news that the park near where I used to live in Moorhead is already flooded (it floods almost every year)--and the rain keeps coming. I don't live on the flood plain here in South Fargo and Dagan and Leah are okay, too. Really a wet spring up here. I hope there is not too much damage for people's homes. :(

Dagan came over and checked my computer yesterday after work. Didn't find anything--no viruses or anything. He set it up to defrag before he left--that took most of the night. I see lightning again--guess I should shut off the computer again...adios!

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