Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My mom and dad were here yesterday from about noon until 10pm. Had a nice visit. I showed Dad Bejeweled on the computer and he got farther than I ever have in like the third try! You can tell he plays a lot of computer games. I showed Mom all my new art supplies and we watched a DVD I had with Andrew Weil-8 Weeks To Optimum Health.

Dagan and Leah came over after work. Mom and Dad had just left to get their motel room (before 6pm) and unload their luggage. They called to tell us what room they were in and Dagan and Leah went to pick them up. That way they didn't have to drive after dark (my dad can hardly see out of one eye anymore--glaucoma). We ordered lots of Chinese, gabbed for a while, ate, and then watched The Secret. By that time it was 10pm and off they went.

I was in bed by 11pm and slept till 10am. Totally drained. But, even Mom and Dad said they thought I was better than last year. True. Due to Shaklee and The Secret--those are the only changes really. I wouldn't have lasted that long without reaching the point of being unable to speak anymore (pain level) a year ago. Very sore today, but doing okay. R&R day, tho, for sure! :)

Leah looked for the brown paper towel rolls, but neither Office Max or Office Depot had them in the store. Have to order them online then.

At least I don't have to cook today--have leftover Chinese! Later.....

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