Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gracie is gone. Lois came and picked her up last night. She left in her little green porch cage with all her foods, treats, shower perch Leah made, and some toys--and the six page form I had to fill out. Gracie was almost five years old. I had been thinking it was six years, but she'd be five around Aug 1st (had to look it up).

Been very quiet around here. No stressful screeching and eeping. I slept late and Karma has been catching up on her sleep, too--hehe!

The order of brown paper towel rolls came today. Time to clean the sizing out of all the brushes in the new set. I found out they aren't the best quality brushes. Haiying read them and got a good look at them when I posted them on my art blog. (Haiying Yang's from the Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo Group). But they will be good enough for me to practice with. I hope to get in some first practice over the next few days. Hope to learn how to draw bamboo, orchids, plum blossoms, and cherry blossoms for sure. :)

Overcast day and still raining. Rained all day yesterday, too. Been a very rainy spring.

I hope Miss Gracie is happy. I have to admit it is less stressful around here. Lois agreed that she did not act anything like a hand-fed and didn't believe Gracie had been hand-fed, either. Gracie will be so much happier with other birds. I still miss her, of course. Just kind of sad today. Bye...

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