Monday, June 04, 2007


I thought my desk computer had crashed last night. Turned it off and on three times and it wouldn't work. Today it is working. I will never understand computers.

I did get the art supplies ordered. Be excited to get them--maybe this week?

Watched one last Netflix movie (they had bunched up on me this weekend)--Evil:

Adapted from a best-selling novel, this Swedish drama follows rebellious teenager Erik (Andreas Wilson) as he's expelled from high school for fighting and sent to the prestigious Stjärsnberg Academy. Having endured many beatings from his father, Erik is dismayed to face a similar threat from the academy's senior students, who bully the younger ones mercilessly. But this time, Erik is determined not to crack and lash out in violence.

I loved this movie. Even moreso when I watched the speicals and found out that it is based on things that really happened to the author of the book that the movie was based on. The main character goes through a transformation--it is the old good vs evil senario, but in a setting one wouldn't expect it. It is a foreign film--be prepared to read subtitles.

I called the office to let them know I need them to come and look at both the air conditioner and the clothes dryer. Neither of which is working very well. When it had gotten really hot out last week--shut it up in here and ran the AC for like 7-8 hours and it was cooler outside. And the dryer is taking like two hours to dry a load of clothes. I hope it is not something big. Even tho the owners have to fix them--still hope there isn't anything major wrong with the appliances. They aren't that old. Seems like they just don't make things to last like they used to, eh?

The sun is out today! I am off to read on the porch!!!

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