Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the porch writing a letter and reading. Need my pillow and lap desk to do that. Was a gorgeous morning and afternoon!

I have been on crazy hours--unheard of when I had Gracie, of course. Sleeping whenever I am tired is a luxury I am still not quite used to. Leah emailed me that she needed to borrow some dishwasher soap some time after work. I warned her I might be sleeping, but that everything for them was in the wall pocket by the door.

I konked out from 4pm until 5:30 this morning! On days all of a sudden--love it! And I found a few surprises when I woke up. Leah brought over pots from her pottery class she took!! I am so proud of her--wow! This is her first time trying pottery and I think they are awesome!

So proud that I am putting up a picture of each and every one of them!!

One is a candle holder--even has a circular ridge on the inside bottom to set the votive in so it doesn't slide around!

We had talked about using the pots she made to hold brushes or to use them for water for painting, etc. But they seem too nice! We would feel pretty darn fancy using these, eh? We'll have to study on them and decide how we will want to use them. I could use the taller thinner two for brushes, tho--I know that. I think they are great and just had to brag on my talented daughter-in-law!! (Leah these are beautiful!!)
Also, Leah dropped off the two grocery/shopping bags that a friend of hers sewed up for me. I can fold one up and bring it with me if I go shopping on the bus. I need a shoulder bag because I can't carry with my left arm--so these are perfect to slip the straps over my head and be able to carry quite a bit home by myself. I can also bring them with when I go shopping with Dagan and/or Leah so that I can carry things up by myself from the car when they drop me off. Nice! Anything that helps me be more independent, right? Cool!
What a surprise! Slept till morning and found all this--wow! What a way to start the day!! :)

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