Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The sun stayed out long enough for me to do a cleaning yesterday morning. Confession: I took so long to clean the tank since last time that I could easily do another cleaning next week, too. (I drain out half the water and refill.) Poor fish.
I finally finished the drawing of Grandma's doll yesterday, too--so I am done with one side of the page spread in my EDM moleskine sketchbook. I was shocked that it has been almost a month since I finished the last challenge. Life just gets in the way, sometimes. Hopefully will get some more done today. :)
I woke up dreaming about Chinese brush painting--hehe! In my dream I was painting the little red-striped shrimp that I used to have in my salt water aquarium many years ago. Might have to try that one day.
I have also been looking around the apartment the last couple days and thinking as to what I could possibly use for paper weights for the rice paper--to no avail. But it came to me in a dream during the night--I scribbled it down so I wouldn't forget (always have paper and pen by the bed)---I can use the weights I have for sewing! TaDa! I have these metal weights that I used for the old Stretch and Sew patterns--somewhere in my three banker boxes that are filled with sewing supplies in the bedroom closet. And I was dreaming that I had covered the weights with polymer clay and baked them--made little critter weights or flowers or shapes--something like that? I had made several of them--all different--and think I was trying to make a toad in the dream--hehe! Was going to paint them when they were all baked.
Anyways, I guess I can definitely do some more playing around today. Arm is doing fine!!!! I am so grateful. Small joys, eh? :):):)

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