Saturday, June 23, 2007


Good morning! This is the additonal little pot that Dagan dropped off after work yesterday. Perfect size for a pencil/pen cup!

I haven't seen much of Dagan and Leah for the past couple of weeks, so I am posting for them, especially, to show them what I used where. Leah said to use them for whatever I wanted to. The candle holder that Leah said she made just for me (big grin) went up on top of the bookcase where I can see it if I am watching TV or working on crafts.

Two of the pots replaced four of my pen cups over by the computer. I put folded paper towels under them for now. Some of them need to be filed down a little on the bottoms and she hasn't had any time for that yet.

The skinnier ones were immediately filled with paint brushes.

The big blue one replaced two cups worth of art pens. The one Dagan delivered replaced the white cup you see in the above photo. I love using this old lazy susan for holding craft supplies on the table! Makes them so much easier for me to reach and it just feels more organized, I guess--hehe!

I just couldn't use the brown and white bowl for paint/ink water. It is just too pretty and I am afraid the paint or the ink will stain the white side of the bowl, if nothing else. So, for now--I filled it with wintergreen lifesavers!

These two I am ready to try out for painting water today. The smaller one for clean water and the larger one for rinsing. I don't think the paint/ink should stain the shiny surfaces. Feels decadent to be using such beautiful bowls for painting! :) Makes me think I best paint something really nice, eh?

Supposed to be another hot and humid day today. Low 90s the next couple of days. One extreme to the next, it seems. Hope it is a great day for you--wherever you are. :)

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