Friday, July 27, 2007


It finally cooled off last night and the humidity dropped! I could open all the windows for the night. Ahhh! It will be in the 50s again tonight, but 80s during the day. It gets really warm up here on third floor by late afternoon/early evening. But even if I have to turn the AC on for a few hours--I should be able to have it open all night again tonight. High heat and humidity will be returning the weatherman said, but the break is wonderful!

I watched a DVD yesterday that was a haunting movie. Really good, I thought. An independent film called The Secret Life of Words:

After surviving the war in Yugoslavia, taciturn nurse Hanna (Sarah Polley) heads to Ireland for some rest and relaxation. But when she hears about an oil-rig accident off the coast, she agrees to tend heroic burn victim Josef (Tim Robbins). Personalities clash aboard the derrick as Hanna contends with Josef, a Russian soldier (Sverre Anker Ousdal), a lively Spanish chef (Javier Cámara) and other oddballs in this compelling character study.

In the beginning you don't even realize Hanna is a nurse because she was working in a factory. She was a really good actress (so silent--had to use body language and eyes) and Tim Robbins was excellent, too, as usual. It is the kind of movie that is slow to unveil itself--and was really worth it, to me anyways. I cried--there's a part of it that tore my heart out. I loved it. Even though I wasn't exactly ever sure who the voiceover was supposed to be in her brief moments--I thought I knew by the end--kind of. hehe!

I never did do any art of any kind yesterday. Ended up using up my good hours on the computer. Answering emails, reading posts, and looking at artwork from the EDM group. Catching up. Before I knew it--my body was done for the day--chuckle! No more sessions left in me. :) Maybe today? But... it is such a good day to sit and read out on the porch..... :)

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