Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The eight pieces in the front are the sheets of paper.
All that chaos on the other side of the table is the couch papers--which also need to dry.
See why it takes the whole table? hehe!

Here's the eight sheets.

Here's the eight sheets after they have dried.

I placed them under a book to try to straighten them a little--left them overnight.

This is as flat as they get with pressing. That is why we usually iron them. :)
The top sheet I tried adding some rosebuds. I didn't beat them in--just put them in the pulp after it was beaten. They all floated to the top and look like some of them will just fall off? Maybe I should try beating them in next time? Still learning and experimenting. This is only the third time I've made paper--and once was for Leah and I to make Christmas cards--so we did them all basically the same--no experimenting.

I was good yesterday and didn't do anything crafty or anything to annoy my body. Feel a little better today, so I might make four sheets today--we'll see. Won't need to show you anything but the finished products now that you know how it all works--chuckle!
Today is my day for Caroline to come and clean--so I am off to collect all my trash and pick up cat toys off the floor. :)

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