Monday, July 16, 2007


Here are the different pulps: cotton linter squares and the loose pulps--white and colors. You don't have to add this, but when I am trying to make the thicker sheets for the "bookcard" covers I've been using it a lot.

These are botanical additives.

You can also use glitter and metal flakes and sparkly stuff. :)

I also have my own pieces of dried and dead plants--plus my entire box of dead plants I have not gone through and sorted yet.

I put in some cotton linter and used a whole piece of colored paper. I have been collecting the old monthly flyers from the office at the end of the months--they print them on colored paper. :) This is a pink flyer. You let them soak for a few minutes.
You saw all the parts up till here--where we forgot the couch papers.

You remove the screen.... a couch paper on top...

...flip it over and place another one on the other side.

Then we put them inside of some newpaper.

Later I went and took them all out to dry on the table. Show you tomorrow. Made eight sheets yesterday. Pretty sore today. Probably overdid it. *sigh* I never know for sure how sore I am going to be until the next day. Well, at least I got eight sheets done so far. If I rest today and stick to maybe 4-6 sheets--could take me a while to get a lot of paper made--hehe! But, it can be done! Patience, right? Patience. :)

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