Monday, July 23, 2007


First of all--I got an email that Leah was in a car accident this morning on her way to work. She was almost to Valley Video to switch cars. She was driving the VV Neon--had it for her on-call weekend and she returns it Monday morning. Somebody ran right into the driver's side, pushed her into a pole and she swiped a parked car. Not her fault at all. She had the right of way. They weren't going very fast. When the Neon hit the pole on the front end of the car, the air bags didn't even deploy. But being a Neon--it is probably totalled and has been quite crumpled up. Nobody was really hurt. Leah has a bruise on her leg and will be sore, though.

Since this was her last week at the office job at FoxRX, they offered to let her have the rest of the week off with pay. That was really nice of them! She will have to go back and finish up some things and clean out her desk--but it sounded like she would probably take them up on the offer. (I called her, of course, when she said she was at home.)

She went to the chiropractor and had X-rays taken of her neck. Since we haven't really found a new chiropractor and weren't happy with the really high costs of the one at Dakota Clinic--she went back to Dr. Mike (the one who put a rib out on me about a year or so ago when he was fresh out of school). Leah's girlfriend has been still going to him all this time and has been telling Leah that he has improved. I hope so! Anyways, this is the test, Leah said. She will probably be going every day this week. She had problems from a different car accident a few years back.

So--whew! I am just glad nobody got hurt-hurt. And actually glad it wasn't Dagan and Leah's car, to be honest. And that hopefully now her VV boss will hopefully get a better car than a Neon next time?

Leah didn't get as much as she had hoped for with her salary for this new job she starts in August, so she will still work for Valley Video. She'll probably have to get one of those new phones where they have internet service right on it--so she can always answer questions when she needs the Internet no matter where she is. It will give her more mobility while she is on call. That's good! And she will be set up over here, too, I think. Unless she won't need to if the phone internet service works well for her?

Okay--paper. Really got into the recycling materials last time--hehe! I used an old red folder and a sheet of cardstock that was accidentally printed on (forgot to take it out of the printer).

This is what I got.

Used a piece of watercolor paper I had played with and a little of the blue pulp...

...the blue really took over!

Used only this flyer (from Valley Video actually)--nothing else.

Wanted to show you how some inks just float to the top! I tried to wipe some of it away with a paper towel.

Click on this one to enlarge in order to see the black specks from the ink all thru the paper. I know you can't tell, but it is quite thin, too.

So--that is the last session of papermaking that I had done. I took yesterday off. Might take today off, too. Makes me very sore. (But it is so much fun!)
Remember that song---"We're having a heat wave--a tropical heat wave!" Still hot in Fargo. :)


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Nice to find another paper maker. I need to photograph some of my paper and post to my blog. Do you pour or pull your sheets? I usually do 20 or so pulls first then get one or two pours with the remaining pulp out of each batch.


  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I just took a photo and posted under 17 July entry. I have never taken a photo of my process. But I do use Arnold Grummer's molds and deckles. I made one book using the 5 or 6 different kinds of paper I made last summer. It took ink well for sketching and stamping.

  3. Mine are poured--Arnold Grummer's half sheet size. I checked your blog! :)


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