Thursday, July 26, 2007


Been close to a month since I posted another EDM challenges page spread! The clear glass was hard for me! I combined two pictures of a carrot off the web to construct the carrot.

Found out why the windows are always open down in the lobby by the front door and mailboxes--even when it is near 100 degrees. Ran into a young woman at the mailbox getting her mail who complained about the unattended children who always leave the windows open. She said that they take the screens off and climb in and out of the building and even lift their bikes thru the windows!! Why?? The door is right there? I suppose they have gotten in trouble for disturbing their parents repeatedly because of the running in and out and wanting to be buzzed in every time--and they have come up with this brilliant solution. Our hallways are absolutely stifling! This young lady said she is moving as soon as her lease is up--lives on first floor. I imagine the children on the loose are much more annoying when they are running past your windows all the time. I just hear them from above on third floor.

I can't afford to move, so I am glad I have avoided a lot of the problems other people have had, I guess. My porch door works and locks. I never had water leaking in through my living room windows. It is relatively quiet up here at the far end of the hallway. I love my screened in porch--and I asked at the office before I enclosed it. They approved my adding shelves in the pantry for more storage. They have usually been really good about coming to fix things for me and were here within a day or two--until the dryer. And the dryer is still working, so it is not like I can't wash clothes, I guess. I think we have had a turnover in maintenance men?

Well, today I plan to do some Chinese brush painting practice and playing around with the new brushes some more. Just getting used to them and what they can do. I still have brushes I haven't even tried yet! :) It is an overcast day--and hot. They had heat warnings out yesterday. I have slowly been up later at night and sleeping later. No surprise, I guess. Might even sleep my way around the clock again for all I know--and it doesn't matter. No problem--except for if and when they finally show up to fix the dryer--hehe! :)


juj said...

Great job with the clear glass. And this may sound weird, but I LOVE that carrot! It has such personality - I could almost see it as a character in a children's book.

Rita said...

Once you said that, I could almost picture that carrot with a cartoon face! hehe!

Lynn said...

Excellent job on the glass! It is a bit difficult to render transparent objects. And the carrot is terrific, too.