Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Leah emailed me pictures of the Dodge Neon she was driving Monday morning. My goodness! I am so glad that she was okay! Those Neons really are dangerous! I've heard nothing but bad things about them if you get in an accident. Leah was going slow enough by the time the front end hit that the air bags didn't even deploy--and yet look at the damage! Either that or the air bags don't work? Can you imagine if a Neon was in a highway accident at speeds over 30mph?! I had seen it on 20/20 or one of those shows. In a head-on collision the front buckled all the way back to the front window practically--so imagine what was left of the dummy driver with the engine practically in the front seat! Air bags would probably be useless anyways. I am glad I know so little about cars that I didn't realize she was driving a Neon all this time. (I am really terrible at recognizing car brands.)

I am amazed that she wasn't bruised all the way down her leg! I guess she has a few bruises, and Leah told me she was surprised her whole leg wasn't black and blue, too. She insists that her leg is okay. Times like this I really wish I had a car so I could go over and see her for myself.

Her angels were watching over her, that's for sure! I am grateful to them. :)
I was on a low spell for a few days, but seem to be feeling a little more energetic and less sore today--hurray! What's the saying? Good things come to those who wait...?? They do--they do! :) So--maybe get something done today--just a little, so as not to overdo. Needed to wash clothes yesterday. Only good thing about a dryer that takes two-hours to dry one load of clothes--stretched things out for me (took half a day for two loads) so it was easier on me. Maybe it won't be such a good thing if they ever do come to fix it--hehe! If it wasn't that I am wasting so much electricity....
I think that is the most difficult part of having fibro for me. When I do feel better and am having a good day, then I want to get all these things done I have been thinking about and planning in my busy brain and waiting for the chance to do. I need to be especially diligent in using my timer for my one-hour activity increments and be sure to take breaks for 2-3 hours inbetween. But it is so hard to stop when you are still feeling better and the pain level is quite tolerable. And it is so easy to shut off the timer and think--just a few more minutes....
But when I drift away in time and spend say two solid hours at the computer or drawing or painting--whatever--I will wake up feeling like somebody who exercised or did so much physical labor the day before that they can hardly move the following day. I have to roll out of bed because of the sharp back/hip/shoulder pain and will hobble and shuffle about like a 90-year old woman--and then I am totally useless for a day or two and end up getting nothing done at all. Sad, but true. So, to stay more consistently active (for me) and to get my few hours in every day--I have to listen to the timer. It is just so hard to stop when you are actually able....
Such is life, eh?
Of course, I also have bad days and stretches out of the clear blue sky, too--no matter how good I am about the timer. Who knows why? Humidity, barometric pressure, poor sleep night, pain fairies....??? But using the timer has proven to give me more evenly pained days and more even exhaustion, if that makes any sense.
I do want to get back to the papermaking, but I think I need to take a break--paint and draw for a while. Papermaking is just much more physical and I pay even more dearly for it. If I make any more--maybe every other day and only a couple of sheets. And whatever I have done by next month (when I have the money to buy good thicker business paper for the page inserts)--well, that will be it for this time around. May be another year or so before I need to make more paper for cards. :)
It has been a long time since I worked on the EDM challenges--and I have been wanting to play with the rest of my Chinese brushes, too! Just need to set that timer and stop when it says stop! hehe! I think I should buy an extra digital timer or two in August....going on the list. I am always forgetting it here and there and looking for where I used it last. Could use one at the craft table, the computer, in the kitchen, etc, etc....

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