Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I worked another session on the pen part of this sketch and got it done! Then I went back and added the watercolor. I think it turned out okay. I didn't try to put in any trees behind it because it was already so squished onto this sketchbook. I figured--just throw in a blue sky and give it some room to breathe--hehe! I haven't done much ink and watercolor, but have always wanted to learn how to do it. That is what I plan to do with this WC Moleskine--practice--practice--practice. Now I just need to find another picture to copy....

I am having a harder time picking up the last book of SK's series. Obviously want to spend time doing artwork instead--hehe! His own characters have now time traveled to barely save him from dying when he got hit by the van (as he actually was badly injured in real life)--so that he could finish writing this series because his writing this series is a key component in saving the entire Universe. Now the gunslinger has to go battle the giant spider, etc, with all the usual gore and violence no doubt. *sigh*

Leah stopped by yesterday to borrow scissors and punches again for her Shaklee group to work on their vision books tonight. She wants to make a sample wedding invitation for a friend, too, and will probably come back Thursday after work. She plans to make handmade paper in the half-sheet size we have--not folded--and have printed vellum attached on the top of the handmade paper with a small piece of ribbon tied thru two holes. We have seen these done on invitations we have received.

The young lady Leah wants to do these for said she has a cottonwood tree in her yard and she'd like to have a leaf on the handmade paper. We'll have to figure out how to keep the leaf on the paper. Pressing them on top and into the damp pulp--we have discovered that leaves just fall off after the paper dries. We'll either have to pour a little pulp over the leaf--make a second thin layer over it kind of--or find a way to just glue the leaf onto the top of the paper after it is dried. And Leah will have to dry all the leaves first. Cottonwood trees do not have small leaves! Should be interesting!

I told Leah that I was just about ready to be making some handmade paper again myself, too. This will jump start that project. We might be making paper on Thursday night! Leah printed off the wedding information on some vellum I had here to see how it worked and it worked really well! So, as long as we will be getting out all the handmade papermaking supplies--I will be making paper over the weekend! :)

I had the windows open and it was pretty warm in here in the late afternoon/early evening when Leah was here. She had a big glass of water with lots of ice cubes. After she left I stuck the ice cubes in Karma's porch water dish. She was glued for some time--watching them bob and patting at them with her paw--but she didn't like me bothering her. She looked to me like she was doing some sort of bowl meditation--hehe!

I had a feeling she might splash a little. That is why I used the outside bowl--chuckle! Funny how cats can spill something and be so amazed by it--as if they had nothing to do with it. They remind me of toddlers in high chairs playing with food. Everything is fascinating! Karma watched the little puddle slowly sink into the carpet and vanish like magic--just like the ice cubes were doing--magic!! Chuckle!

Karma and I are a lot alike. Doesn't take much to entertain us-- after all, I sat and watched her watch ice cubes melt--ROFL!!!


  1. TERRIFIC JOB on your shack! LOVE the pen addition to wash!


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