Tuesday, July 31, 2007


These are all pieces of watercolor paper that I was practicing on and ended up in my recyle box. I used just the pieces of watercolor paper--nothing else (except for two of them--explanation follows).
This is how they turned out! :) These are all much thinner sheets.

What puzzled me was--where did the little dark specks come from in white watercolor paper? It wasn't from the paint, that's obvious. Every piece of paper I made had those long dark specks in it? (Double click on the photo and you'll see them better.) Strange, huh? Who knows what is really in the cheaper watercolor paper--hehe! Anyways, I like them a lot! Might even try painting on them, who knows?

Explanation on the last two: I had too much paper for one sheet and not enough for two, so I added a couple of leftover coffee filters to each one. The filters were too small for my current coffee pot--been hanging onto them for like 4-5 years. They were brand new, but I couldn't find anybody who wanted that tiny size. Finally found a use for them, eh? Guess that shows just how "frugal" I really am--chuckle! They worked great!

I have made a lot of thicker papers. Now I am working on making thinner ones. They are not as hard on me physically, I found out. You don't have to press as hard to get the water out--tada! I only did a couple at a time and stretched it out over the whole day. I plan to do the same thing today.

My plan is to try to use up this box of Viva paper towels I saved from a watercolor craft project. Who knows--I might be able to actually do Chinese brush painting on sheets made from fluffy paper towels? If they work and hold together in the first place, of course. Discovering what happens is the fun part about recyling--to me, anyways. :)

Another hot day in the 90s. Nice and cool in here, tho. Perfect for papermaking--hehe! Wish me luck!

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