Thursday, July 19, 2007


Got the table set up on one end for painting again.

Trying out new brushes on the brown paper towels.

Sample of more experimenting on practice paper from Haiying. :)

Some brushes work better than others for different things, of course. I am enjoying discovering it on my own. :) There are brushes--like the orchid bamboo small--that hold a mind boggling amount of ink! These oriental brushes are so different from the "western" watercolor brushes! I think I am going to like the mountain horse brush for bamboo stalks. There is absolutely no comparison between these brushes and the Giant Panda set I got from Jerry's Artarama. I have to thank the wonderful people in the Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo group for telling me about Oriental Art Supply!! :)
This is just so much fun to play and learn about the brushes and what they can do and how fast they dry out--and which ones work well on bamboo leaves or stems--I haven't even begun to play with making the orchids! And I am still getting used to the actual practice paper--which absorbs water differently than the paper towels. I do think I will be playing and practicing strokes for a long time--and having such fun! I hate it when my timer goes off and I have to quit and wait to come back and play some more.

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