Friday, July 06, 2007


Got my order from Haiying yesterday. Made my day!
I have been playing with the new wolf hair brush off and on all morning. So engrossed that I forgot to blog--hehe! I love this brush! Could tell as soon as I touched it--the set from Jerry's Artarama is so rough and stiff to the touch.
I have been using the practice paper and it is like starting all over again with the new paper and the new brush! :) Have been practicing and becoming accustomed to the amount of water/ink this little brush will hold--my goodness! I love it! And actual paper absorbs a lot differently than paper towels, of course. Just been having so much fun today! I am so glad I ordered a lot of practice paper from OAS. I will definitely have no trouble using it up--especially with all the brushes I ordered to play with and get used to. If they are anything like the brush I got from Haiying--I am going to be in seventh heaven!! :)
Only complaint--I am not happy when my timer goes off and I have to quit playing and take a break for a couple of hours. Just as happy as a pig in mud today!!!! hehehe!

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