Saturday, August 01, 2009


Okay--getting around to posting what Leah picked up for me--and Karma. (Last of my birthday money finally gone--and I owe Leah a few bucks--hehe!) My portable wall phone died and Leah found this portable phone for only $15.00! The 3M hooks are for bags--show you later.
These were a little gift for Miss Karma. She loves them, Leah!
Catnip bubbles! Do you believe it? This is the plan: since Karma cries for bubbles and she has slowly been warming up a little to Leah again--I want Leah to blow bubbles for her when she comes over. (Dagan, too.) We're going to see if that will get Karma to think in her little cat brain--Leah=bubbles=fun and excitement--hehe! That's my plan and I am sticking to it! :)
I got the phone put together and hooked up yesterday. Decided to put it on the shelf ledge instead of the kitchen wall so that I can reach it from both rooms. :)
And--since the little white fan died--a new fan--tada! What I think is funny is when I used the flash it showed the fan blades frozen in flight--looks turned off.
No flash--and you see the whir of the blades. Interesting!
I know--doesn't take much to entertain me, does it?
This fan has a remote! And a timer! Good grief--how fancy can I get, eh?
Karma would say hi, but she's out like a light. I'm just not doing anything interesting enough tonight for her to pass up some good middle of the night snooze time.
I got some of the writing posted on the new blog. I think I am about half-way thru this blog now--searching for the stories, I mean. :) I did get a video made last night and posted on youtube, too.
It has been really cool at night still--in the 50s. Staying in the 70s and occasionally low 80s during the day. Happy, happy me! I love having the windows open and all the fresh air!
Have a great weekend! :):)


Leah said...

I factories they use strobe lights to do quality control checks. For instance to make sure that printing on a roll is correct a strobe light is precisely timed so that it flashes each time one goes by so that you can see just that one instead of the blur that you would normally see. Anyway, that's what happened with your fan, your flash caught the blade at just that moment, where without the flash you just get the blur and can't really see anything. ;) Random stuff from me...


Rita said...

Leah! Leah!
You are a fountain of unexpected knowledge! Just like I had no idea you knew how to put a new plug on an electric cord! I'm posting a picture of the freecycle find in the next blog. Love you dearly!! :):)

taiona said...

OMG - catnip bubbles / if it weren't so hot i would out the door like a shot / but it's a 50 mile round trip to "the big city" / it will have to wait until next weekend /you are an instigator Rita :)

Rita said...

Hehe! It was Leah's youngest sister, Ariel, who told us about Catnip Bubbles!! What will they think of next? :)