Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My baby girl rolling and rubbing her head on the rug.

She knows I have her back. But when danger comes--Karma's under the furniture--hehe!
At least I got all the paperwork done yesterday--checkbook, budgeting, bills, and weekly schedules. Ahhh!
Around 70, cloudy, with chance of rain for the next two days. It is so odd to have it in the 50s at night in July! Not that I'm complaining, by any means. I love it! :):)


  1. How cute! Cody is usually under furniture during storms or when Beau is cracking the whip outside. Cody hates loud noises! Good that you got all your paperwork done, Rita ~ :)

  2. :)

    Someone is asking, no begging! for a belly rub!


  3. Serena,
    Karma totally understands--she hates loud noise, too! :)

    It always feels good when you get those things like paperwork done, doesn't it? Ahhh!

  4. Intense Guy,
    I couldn't even touch her stomach until maybe a year ago. And she only lets me rub her tummy if she is comfortably plastered over me on my chair. It used to really piss her off, to be honest. Now she occasionally likes it--but you have to read her mood. She was totally into scratching her own head on the rug and would probably have been fed up with me if I interrupted her. Face it--Karma is one weird and moody feline!


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