Friday, August 03, 2007


Leah finally sent me pictures of the one pot she made that they kept...

...and use for a pen holder. :)

I tried using the paper made just from Viva paper towels.

A little too absorbant--bled a bit. Made a very soft and floppy card--hehe!
I decided to try adding some computer paper in with the Viva paper towels--and did some other experimentation yesterday. They are being book-pressed at the moment.
Been wonderful to have the windows all open for three nights and two days--ahh!
I have the monthly grocery order being delivered this afternoon and the Shaklee order is due today, too. I haven't heard from Dagan or Leah about the house. I'll ask when I let Leah know the Shaklee order has arrived. I suppose Dagan might be the one to come by and pick it up now that Leah is working at home. Well--more tomorrow...

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