Monday, August 27, 2007


I do have a lot of handmade paper to play with. I suppose I could put away all the supplies for a while. :) Here's all the rest of the paper I made in July and August.

I started to get set up for the brush painting and as soon as Karma saw the water bowls again...
...she couldn't wait to drink out of them--she just plunged right in!
Funny! She has never tried to drink out of them when I am actually painting (I keep an eye on her). Maybe she can smell the paints and inks? But I always empty them, scrub them out, and refill them when I am done when I am leaving all the supplies out and at the ready. Knowing that Miss Karma will be drinking out of the bowls. Karma prefers "sneaking" the water when she thinks I am not looking, of course. Always tastes better. So, I was surprised when she ran right up and started drinking out of the bowl--she obviously missed those bowls! She loves and prefers all the bowls that Leah made! Ignores her old water bowl most of the time now. She will ask to go out on the porch specifically just to drink out of the water bowl on the porch that Leah made. Silly girl!
Anyways, I did get the brushes out yesterday and played some with the Doddle Pad (newsprint) for practice paper. I have been looking at any demonstrations that I can find on brush painting on YouTube. Found a demo of a carp and tried it. Really messed up the tail, especially. Should have gone back and watched the video again-hehe! Just wanted to try something new, I guess. I have been focused on orchids and bamboo and haven't tried anything else. Was fun!
I also worked on a couple of the EDM challenges, but I only have one page done and I don't take the picture until I have a page spread finished. :) Guess I'll have to work on the other page here pretty soon.
Dark day. Scattered thunderstorms. Don't you love the weathermen? Yesterday in the morning I checked and it was supposed to be sunny out today. By later in the day yesterday--the prediction was partly cloudy. Today--storms. Duh! They're here. They could probably do as well looking out the window or calling friends in Bismarck--hehe! Anyways, have a good one!

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