Monday, August 06, 2007


Spent yesterday washing clothes. It became an ordeal that lasted all day long. Took two and a half cycles to dry one load of clothes (70 minute cycle). By the time I had the first load dry the dryer was so hot that I could have fried an egg on it! I put in the second load and it started to smell--hot-hot with a hint of rubber! I had to wait until the dryer was completely cool again to start drying the second load--which took almost three cycles (darks). I was afraid of a fire starting, actually.

I called the office today. First of all, the lady told me I wasn't on the list of their washer and dryer renters and that she hadn't heard about my dryer (this is the fourth time I have called about it). She had to look up on the computer to determine that I had, indeed, been paying for the washer and dryer rental since I moved here in February of 2005. I requested that they come after noon this time. Mornings are my worst time of day, physically, and I often sleep in, too, when I can since I don't sleep that well all the time. I decided they should accomodate me this time--if they ever do show up. I have never had this kind of trouble when I needed something fixed--ever. They have always been here within a day or two in the past. I am genuinely afraid to use the dryer now. I think it might be in the vent or whatever they have for the cooling. It gets way too hot. And, after all, it does have hot air and it does go around--so what else is there?

It is raining right now. Leah had to go to the office and train in some new employees this afternoon. So, at around five she'll be over and we are going shopping tonight. Have a few stores to hit this month. Things I have been putting off (buying art supplies instead--hehe!). I always enjoy spending time with her no matter what we are doing. :)

Have had one of those fibro headaches since Saturday--kind of pulls me up short, I guess. Hope it is gone by tomorrow...such is life, eh?

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