Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Last of the angel pictures I have been saving.
This is a male angel and you put oil inside the tiny place--I have never gotten it to work as a candle and dust sticks to the oily wick--but he's cool!

This one is actually a bell.
Here's a rabbit or bunny angel.
The next three were moved from the curio cabinet yesterday, but here's the older pictures I have been waiting to post. This is a praying angel.
Here's the cat loving angel.
And this is a metal angel pin.
I think those are all the angels I have around the place now. Can't even remember when I posted the angel collection last--months ago? Oh well, this is the last of them--(that are in the apartment, anyways--lots more in the garage--hehe!) Might not all even be on the blog anymore. When Blogger switched us over to Google as a host, I lost several of my pictures. Oh well--such is life, eh?
Monday I actually managed to wash clothes. I forgot I needed the cleaning cloths for Caroline. I only slept a couple of hours--Caroline came and cleaned. We got the curio cabinet cleaned and reorganized (which made me remember to post the rest of the angels). Was hurtin' and I didn't even blog yesterday. It was another dark and drizzly day. So dark that the automatic garage lights were on all day again.
I went to bed at 6pm last night and have been up since 3:45am--tada! Hoping that I will stay closer to being on days again. We'll see.
I am just glad I have no appointments, my place is back in order, I have clean clothes and sheets, my table is cleaned off, the sun has actually come out this morning, and I can just collapse for a couple of days. :) Later...

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