Saturday, August 18, 2007


I was too sore to even blog yesterday. For a couple of days before that I was busy, tho. Got the bookcases done by the window. Still might have a little tweaking to do, but they are basically organized--and there is room left where the couple of large plastic satchels will fit that are over at Leah's right now. This might not be noticeably different to anybody else, but it is to those of us who use the space--hehe!
I still have an assortment of empty boxes and odds and ends on the floor in different areas that needs to be cleaned up--and I still have to bring things out to the garage and the dumpster. So, one more day of more physical stuff and the place will be basically back in order. I am hoping to do that tomorrow afternoon before Dagan and Leah come over. R&R yesterday and today and I should be up to it. :)
I have been working on painting the ice cream pails here and there, too. Leah stopped by Thursday night and brought me the satchel with all our cutting supplies in it--so I can work on the bookcards when I am up to it. She helped me with the big philodendron on the desk hutch.
This is why I was making the pails to cover up the pots. Yuck! (WalMart pots.)
This is where the philodendron had sprawled out across the wall. (I had already removed all the do-dads on top of both the hutch and the bookcase.)
Leah helped me take it off the wall and swirl it around the newly covered pot! Took up most of the top of the hutch--hehe!
Here's another covered pot across the room. I guess they don't look all that bad.
Dagan and Leah are bringing the last of the painting supplies over tomorrow night. And Leah said she'd help get the hanging porch plants in their new ice cream pail pots, too. Nice! They don't cover the very top of the ugly pots, but they look better nonetheless. And--added bonus--don't have to worry about overflow--hehe!
I also found a new spot for the leather scraps--in a large plastic container that fits under my bed. This shows the thicker scraps on the right and the thinner on the left. The thinner scraps are pretty small on the whole except for a couple of pieces and they're in very odd shapes. Not sure if they would work for a book? Only way would be if you patch-sewed them together, I suppose. Ah--well--that's for another day...
I looked all over the apartment for something I could use for my smaller pot that hangs here inside. Found an empty sherbet container and painted that, too. The stack of books in the middle of the table are about book-binding. I found directions for putting a book together with the coptic stitching open back that I'd like to try with the thicker leather.
Anyways, the sherbet container worked! Just the same as the others--with the top rim of the ugly pot sticking above. I am so happy it fit, tho!
That's what I had been doing Wednesday and Thursday. I had to think--my days and nights are flip-flopped and it is hard to remember which day is which. I am so glad all the bookcases have been cleaned and organized--tops and most shelves have been scrubbed off well. Kind of like doing spring cleaning in August, eh? Including, now I also will have to totally clear off and clean the cabinet under the little hanging plant because everything fell down upon it. (These awful pots are just crumbling an outside layer right off of them!)
Anyways, my table is cleared off again now!! So once I am finished up with the tail ends of this cleaning project tomorrow--I can set up for brush painting again on one end for sure. Might make some more paper yet--haven't decided. Haven't put all those supplies away yet--thought I might do a few more...?? We'll see how I feel after a break.
Been cooler and raining up here in the North Country. Makes it easier to sleep with a cool breeze at night--ahh! Been down to upper 40s and low 50s at night.
That's it--I have been typing very fast--only gave myself half an hour on the timer because I am still very sore. Hopefully will have time to blog tomorrow before Dagan and Leah arrive, but if not--I'll be back Monday. :)

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