Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Okay, I showed the sheaf of regular paper I made--now these are the four sheets I made out of actual paper towels that I put aside to attempt to do brush painting on the front for cards. They are already folded but I will have to unfold them to paint in case it soaks all the way thru the paper--hehe! They do not feel like regular paper--very soft and porous. No idea if they will work well or not for brush painting, but I had to try it. I need to get back in practice painting again before I attempt it, tho.
Been awake all night again--sigh! I fell asleep in my little chair again yesterday. The culprit for these unprecedented napping spells is this old neck pillow I found and brought out when I was so sore from cleaning and organizing. I got it years ago for my massage table--for people's necks when they laid on their backs while I was doing energy work/Healing Touch/Reiki/Soul Comfort. Thought it might help my neck and shoulders in my chair when I was so sore--and it did. But it has led to unexpected napping when I am tired--for hours--in my chair. Good grief! I might turn into a napper yet--heaven forbid!! hehe! Even with the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I rarely ever have napped--just sleep longer when I am so extra tired when I do get to sleep. Just felt so strange! I didn't know what day it was! Chuckle! Here's the flowery culprit!
I spent all my good hours on the computer. I was finally all caught up on emails--for a few hours, anyways--hehe! Snooping around for bookbinding supplies I still will need. Got back on! I was suddenly unable to access the website last winter for no apparent reason. After a couple of months, I never thought about it anymore, actually--gave up. I was just contacted by a couple of people I had met on Sparks and decided to check--and I was able to get onto the website again, consistently. So, I am back on Sparks--getting motivated to be healthy and lose weight--and chatting online with the "Old Hippies Losin' It" and the "Chatty Crafters"! Also joined a group who just post three things they are thankful for every day and another one on The Secret--lots of positives, right?

I am totally amazed at all the wonderful people one can met online! Blows my mind! I was rather afraid to even post anywhere until the last couple of years. I have mostly been an online lurker in the past. And I have gotten a lot braver this past year, actually. :) Nice of them to Invent the computer and the Internet for this solitary lady in Fargo, eh? It is like being able to have a little company any time I am well enough to be spending time on the computer--and I know they are there.

The people in the Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo group--hard to even describe how they lift my spirits and are so kind to a beginner who bothers them with questions. :) They have the most interesting conversations. I have been introduced to something I never thought I'd feel comfortable attempting to learn--and enjoying it so much! The immediacy of the process--the alien feel of the paper--the challenge--it is all very satisfying to me even when I am not "satisfied" with my actual painting or practice strokes. There is a freedom in it that I have never felt with western painting. And that is exactly the polar opposite of what I had expected! Because it is precise and there are really no second chances in brush painting, I have been shocked by the feeling of freedom and relaxation that it gives me. Practicing strokes is almost meditative for me! :)

Anyways, I need to get a few hours of sleep. Leah is stopping by tonight to cut my hair back to chin length again. It is too thin to be this long--hehe!

I hope you all have something you love to do that brings you great joy! Something good for your soul! :)

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FRANKYE said...

I never liked naps either, screws up my sleep schedule! As if ours weren't screwed enough! I've been up until 5 every night for weeks. Then I sleep 'till 9am or 11am and feel like crap all day.

That darn Karma is such a cutie!
I see that your "bone" pillow is flowered. Mine is wooly sheepskin. I'm almost afraid to ask what kind of massage table you have/had...wood, metal?

I'll catch up on my email to you the weekend since Kess will be away I will have more quiet time and we won't be watching "our shows" together.

Do you have net flicks? I was wondering about where you get your movies.

Glad you are having your hair cut. I always feel 100% better when mine is freshly cut.

Take Care,