Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Dagan came shopping, too! They hauled some more of the painting supplies over first and then we headed out--went to Office Max, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target. Then Dagan and Leah wanted to stop at Barnes & Noble to look at books about house flipping.

We stopped and had coffee (me) and hot chocolates (them), so that they could peruse some books and decide which two to buy.

We were all glad to sit down for a while and rest our feet--hehe!
All of us were getting tired of shopping after a few hours.
Here's my Office Max haul! I tested out both kinds of paper last night and they both work to write on both sides with dark fountain pen--tada!

At Bed, Bath and Beyond I was looking for an over-the-door bath towel holder but theirs wasn't very nice. I picked up a couple other things there. Dagan and Leah found a good towel holder at Target for me. (We split up for a while so I could do my puttering--hehe!) Ever since they moved Dagan's little dresser over and it went in my bathroom, I haven't had a place to hang towels. I have had to lay them across my bed to dry--and then Karma sits on them sometimes. Now I am all set!

Oh--also at Office Max--got this kid's tablet because it was suggested as good, cheap practice paper for the Chinese Brush Painting. It looks like plain newsprint inside.

My friend Ruby had told me to be sure and get something for my soul when I went shopping. When we were at Barnes & Noble I went to look at the journals (which I usually do, of course) and found this beautiful leather journal with the thinner line spacing that I like (won't by wide-lined paper of any kind). I had been hanging on to $30.00 cash ever since my birthday in March. It was $29.95--hehe!

So, I got something for my soul, Ruby! It is gorgeous! :)
Caroline is coming pretty soon to clean, so I have to get moving here. I am off to check mail...

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