Friday, August 31, 2007


I am getting really tired of the days and nights switching and all the crazy hours, but I suppose it is best to sleep whenever I am able to, since lack of sleep causes the fibro to be even worse. It is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they say. I get to where I don't know what day it is anymore. Yesterday, after being up all night again and not sleeping well again for a couple of days, I went to lay down at 9am. I was supposed to have company last night, but she called and rescheduled for next week--so I turned off the alarm and slept--until 11:30pm!! So, once again, I have been up all night. I think it is Friday--hehe!

When I do have these catch-up on my sleep marathons--it is wonderful! I am dreaming and sleeping so well and not getting up as often--not as restless. You just don't realize how precious sleep is until it is doled out to you--chuckle! And I had missed dreaming. That is something that has come back to me again--when I have the sleepathons--hehe! People need to dream, I think. I think my soul suffers more from being dream-deprived than sleep-deprived. :)

This morning--since it was cooler, was a nice morning, I got a lot of good sleep, wasn't really extra sore, was awake with the dawn, and if I wait for help it will never get done--I went out and started sorting thru boxes and bags in the garage. I am starting an area by the door for things to be picked up for the homeless. I didn't even last my full hour but close to it! :) My arm started to burn a little--it's not too pleased with the lifting--and I do need to wash clothes today, so I stopped right away. Listening to my body. I got a start, tho! TaDa!!

This is the third summer since I moved here and I have never gotten back out into the garage to clean up and organize since I moved in! Everything was just tossed and piled in there back when I moved in. Plus I have kept bringing things out there--Dagan and Leah are storing things out there--just a mess, of course. I barely put a dent in it--hehe! I should have brought the camera for a "before" picture--but I forgot it. Next time. As I said--I barely put a dent in it anyways--just shuffled boxes and bags over to the door. Feels good to have gotten started, tho. Even if I can get out there once or twice a week--it will get done eventually. :) I'll need Dagan and Leah for certain things. I just cannot move heavy things with this bum arm anymore and I can only do a little at a time with the fibro---but I can get quite a bit of it sorted on my own using mostly my good arm--little by little. I guess I certainly got my exercise for today! :)

Ha! I see the weather on TV as I am writing this--and today is the only nice day expected for a while. So, looks like I picked a good day to do that. Looks like rain every day again for several days and hotter weather, too, back into the 80's. I am so glad I finally got out there!! I have been telling myself to get out on a cooler day and get going before the snow flies around here--hehe! *Big Grin* Takes me so long to complete these kind of physical projects any more. They are admittedly daunting, to say the least. I guess going back on Sparks has really motivated me again. Good!

Then--I am so excited! Haiying went to China yesterday. She will be finding me (and for others from the CBP group and her students) seals and a carver--and various items like ink sticks and brushes, etc. Haiying wrote my names for me on a video--can't remember if I have put the link in here, but I'll put it in again just in case. She was explaining calligraphy practice paper to Barbara from the group and then drew my names for me--the two that I will have made into seals--"Rita" and "SoulComfort"!!

She picked my characters for my name after getting to know me. Chinese sure sounds confusing to learn. Haiying said that there can be up to 100 meanings or characters for one sound--so she picks what she feels represents the person after she gets to know them a little better. I asked her to do the SoulComfort by the meaning, since she said it didn't have a positive name by the sound/phonetically. What a sweet lady! So, I have had my characters personally picked! I am excited because her husband will be in the United States in September, so I will be getting my order sooner than I had thought (November). Yipee! I can hardly wait. I guess I had better practice learning how to sign my names in Chinese so that I can write them on any paintings I ever have that might turn out well enough to sign--ROFL!!

I feel rested--the sun is out--it is a sparkly day--the birds are singing--the washer is going--a cool breeze is floating in the open windows--and I already got something bigger accomplished this morning! What a good day, eh? Life is good!

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