Saturday, August 25, 2007


Felt good enough yesterday to at least begin working on the bookcards.

I started by cutting some sheets of the 32 lb. cotton business paper in half (cutter on the far left). Then I folded them in half and creased the edges with the bone folder. I took a few of the handmade paper sheets and folded them in half and creased them with the bone folder, too.

I also did glue a few of the paper moulds on to the front of a few cards--no pictures yet. Have never tried using the paper moulds before and didn't know what glue to try. I used Tacky glue. Had to put a light weight on top of the cards to get the moulds to stay put, since they were a little wavy. I did make two bookcards yesterday (no moulds), but didn't get pictures. Was concentrating on how many holes to cut, etc. I'll get more pictures next time I am constructing the bookcards.

I got so wrapped up watching the end of the Deadwood series yesterday that when I woke up at 5:15am I was lying there wondering how it ended--got up and watched the rest--hehe! So much for my Deadwood weekend--hehe! Well, the Specials DVD is supposed to arrive today so I will have a little bit more Deadwood--chuckle! I was relieved to hear that they are hoping to do a 2-hour movie. I really, really hope they can do that and get all of the actors together again for it. The storyline was just cut off when they were cancelled.

Yawn! Yawn! But I couldn't resist watching the last two episodes early this morning. Karma has been on the porch. Baby swallows (looked like babies to me--beautiful but not too bright) have been landing on the railing on the other side of the screen. Karma just freezes, but she doesn't try to catch them. She stands up occasionally and paws lightly toward them--(and they don't even fly away?) Her hesitation probably comes from living with Gracie--hehe! She is fascinated--glued to the spot--Cat TV--hehe!

Lets hope this doesn't mean they have been building another nest in the dryer vent...???

Beautiful sunny day today. Down into the upper 40's again last night, but supposed to get into the 80's today. Life in the North Country, eh? :)

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