Sunday, August 19, 2007


All the do-dads are cleaned and back on top of the hutch and bookcase. I got busy in the middle of the night-hehe! Took out the trash and picked up all the stuff off the floor--put away what I could and piled the little green cart up high with stuff to go to the garage. I am going to ask Dagan or Leah if they could wheel it out for me today when they come over. I guess it doesn't hurt to admit you could use some help, right? It took fibromyalgia and a bad arm demanding that I needed help--forcing me into it--before I finally--slowly--learned that lesson. We all need help sometimes. I still get twinges of shame and I still hate to bother anybody. It's the Scandinavian/Swedish upbringing, I guess, combined with my independent personality. we say in the Midwest.

Since Leah brought back my cutting supplies....
...I made my first "bookcard" last night, too! Well, remade. I had one card left from the last batch--messed up the first page and decided to take it apart and add more pages inside. Wow! I had six half sheets cut to size--which made twelve pages. When you write on both sides--that's twenty-four tiny pages--tada!! Love it!!

I dug out one of my lined grid sheets (I have made up for letter writing on various unlined paper) and cut it down to size for the little bookcards. Then, for the heck of it--I made up a larger envelope template (just a little larger than normal to fit the fat bookcard) and made my very first envelope. I have never made one before--I know, what a shock, eh? So, I am not up to doing too much today, of course. But it is so nice!! I just need the cart to go to the garage and I can wait and clean the curio cabinet under the hanging plant later (or even have my cleaning girl do it on Tuesday--now that's a thought! Asking for help, right?) I can relax and things can get back to normal--my normal. Ahhh! I can hear the Chinese brushes and the Japanese screw punch calling me now!

I will post pictures of how I am making the bookcards the next time I get into that project. For now, Dagan and Leah should be here pretty soon. I am going to go collapse until they arrive....

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