Thursday, August 09, 2007


Oops! I guess I didn't get the top of the bookcase--oh well. I was very busy yesterday. I completely emptied the other bookcase around the corner in the hallway and rearranged the top two shelves of this bookcase to accomodate all the beading magazines & books. Now this bookcase by the door is basically filled with reading material--cooking, beading, and some English literature from college. On the floor are Target bags filled with things to go to the garage for storage--all kinds of packaging materials from when Leah had the business and some other odds and ends we don't use at the moment. Whew!
This is as far as I got with this bookcase. I did move those containers off the top, too, after I took the picture. Put painting stuff up there. This bookcase is now going to be dedicated to painting supplies: oils, acrylics, watercolors, and oriental brush painting. That will free up some room in the bookcase by the window in the living room that is stacked and layered to the brim.
I was tossing empty containers and odds and ends on my messy bed. Had to clear that off to attempt to sleep last night--so now all that mess is all over the bedroom floor. My little apartment is in utter chaos!
I got the little green cart packed up with all the things to go out to the garage. I will get them into banker boxes and label them. Not something I will be doing today, I guess.
I was already darn sore last night--took two pain pills (max allowed) and tried to go to sleep. Just laid there--shifting positions and turning and stretching my legs every which way for over three hours. Gave up. Oh well--such is life. My life, anyways--hehe!
I remember the days where I could go all day long and work till I dropped at things like this. No problem! And I really do love to organize!! So gratifying for those OCD genes I still have floating about begging for attention. I went at it harder yesterday--so today, well, we'll see. I may be able to slowly putter a bit with it--or maybe not. My head and heart want to charge in and get it done, but the body is screaming in protest. I feel enslaved and trapped by my body.
It got so cool last night (61 degrees right now) but was still so humid that there is a fog this morning! Just as thick and white as can be--like a white blanket is hanging out behind the garages. Is even fogging up my windows a little. Mystical looking. Now I would have missed this magical view if I had been able to sleep, right? :)
I'd say wish me luck today, but I am not sure what I am wishing for--being able to get something done or being able to use restraint and not get anything done? Hehehe!

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