Friday, October 05, 2007


The following cards are all made with paper towels. I know these look pretty childlike--remember I am just a beginner. I did try red flowers this time and used my name seal for the first time on three of them--tada!
This first one was made entirely from the brown paper towel roll paper--nothing else. Actyually worked pretty well.
These two were made from Viva paper towels and a little scrap paper.
This one was mostly Viva paper towel--very floppy and absorbant--bled way too much even when I moved as fast as I could--hehe!
I love the red flowers! And the seal makes a difference--even on my rough drawings. Looks more finished. :)
I have been sleeping days and up nights--but have actually been able to sleep the last two days, so I can't complain. I actually have energy today. Sleep is always precious! :)
So, while everybody else is getting ready for bed, I am washing clothes and making a soup I have never tried before--chickpea and fresh spinach?? Smells good.
My topsy-turvy life. Sleep well...while I cook and clean--hehe! :)

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Serena Lewis said...

On the contrary, I think these are lovely, Rita! The matching colour stamp sets off the flowers nicely. My daughter loves the Oriental themes in art. :)