Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am waiting to get a call back from Caroline. She called me while I was in the shower and said she had a migraine and could she maybe come tomorrow? I left a message and told her not tomorrow, but Thursday or Friday would be okay--but they might not work for her wth her class schedule. She's in her classes right now at the college, I imagine, and will call me after she gets out. Or she might show up--who knows?

Tonight I go with Leah for the glazing part of the pottery process. My fish has already lost its feelers--again! They, like all the side fins, have also fallen off twice now. Poor thing--hehe! Doesn't look like it cracked yet and it looks quite dry? So far, so good--or as good as this fish is going to be--chuckle! Might try and add feelers again at the class tonight before I turn it in--maybe shorter fatter ones wouldn't break off so easily?

I realized a couple of days ago that I forgot to order Halloween candy with my grocery order this month. So, I am going to ask Dagan if he could bring me to get some after he picks me up from class. Better safe than sorry.

I never know about Leah's schedule or how her day is going to be going. We always make very tentative plans--and tomorrow the plan is Hobby Lobby (and maybe Target) in Fargo and K & Krafts in Moorhead--if all goes well. We are going to figure out what to make for Christmas cards this year. Looking at brass stencils first, since we loved the look of that spackle she got at Target. But--we might not go anyplace. Never know. Some days she is busy as can be and other days are slower. So, I best get the candy while I can. I would feel badly if kids come to the door and I had nothing for them. I actually had several kids last year. None at all the first year I was here. So, I want to have my bowl ready! :)

Guess it wouldn't hurt to go gather the trash and pick up cat toys-whether Caroline makes it or not--hehe! Bye!

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