Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Some close-ups of the new goodies!
Here's what my seal looks like and how to write my name in Chinese.
(Seeing it written down will help. Thanks, Haiying!)
And here's the soulcomfort seal.
I can't get over how small and delicate these seals are.
I think the round one is smaller than my little finger!
The carving is really well done--and I love flowers!
They are a delight!
Leah cancelled for tomorrow. She and Dagan are going out of town for the weekend and, since she works her second job on Thursday nights, she needs the time to wash clothes and such.
Dagan came over during his lunch break because he had a pacemaker check (why Mom has both a land line and a cell phone--hehe!). Then Caroline came to clean and just left at 2:30pm. After I am done blogging and checking email, I am going to go play with the new brushes!! Hurray! I cleaned them yesterday, but was busy with all the usual bills and financial stuff and budgeting yesterday. Today I can play!! :)

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Judybec said...

Oh My!! Rita, this is really special. I've been busy and hadn't checked your blog in a while... How WONDERFUL!!