Monday, October 29, 2007


Okay--now you can get a good chuckle! This is what I started with yesterday. The sponges in the bag kept it pliable enough to work with.
And here's the best I could do...
...other side. He's supposed to be swimming and I tried to curve his body a little. Hopefully paint will snaz 'em up?
I do not have high expectations. While I was working on him all six sides fins fell off--twice! I envision them lying at the bottom of the kiln--or the fish might explode, too (air bubbles inside)--and I am waiting to see if it cracks as it dries. Leah has had pots crack during the drying process and never make it to the kiln. But, anyways--that is my clunky looking Koi. ROFL!! If he is meant to be--he will survive, right?
Now--I wanted to show you that I am actually capable of doing delicate, small projects in clay...
...when I am using the polymer clay. These were all made only with my fingers while watching TV. Took me a long time, but I really liked how they turned out. They are already baked.
So, that was my start to my rose bouquet that I never finished. I remember another reason why I stopped--besides the leaves, which I have now saved and dried from real roses for examples--I forgot to put a small hole in the bottom of some of the flowers for the wire to be glued into the bottom of the flower----I was waiting for Leah to buy her tiny little hand drill she wanted. She has had one for a long time now--hehe! I will email her about bringing it over on Wednesday (if she doesn't have to work her second job--sometimes her boss calls her on Wednesdays).
Whew! Talk about rambling sentences. Well, I write like I talk and think--hehe!
A beautiful sunny morning--34 degrees. I have still remained on days. Nice! Tomorrow is pottery class for the last time. Glazing!! Whopee!! I will have pictures!! :)

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