Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is the art building where Leah goes to her pottery class.
This side of the huge room has large tables where people can knead the clay--and can sit and do hand work, if they want to.
This side of the room has all the pottery wheels. Here's Leah setting up.
Just starting--she put the clay in the middle.
Centering the clay...
...and here she is working up the sides of a pot.
This was all fascinating to me and I sat way too long on a stool watching Leah make several pieces--was just too cool! I tried doing a little something on the rice bowl I wanted to make. Leah got the clay centered and the well in the middle going for me--but with my gimpy left arm--well, just didn't work. Couldn't press in hard enough with my left arm, so nothing much would happen. Like trying to clap with one hand, I guess--hehe! But--it was a lot of fun! I am very sore today, of course.
I can go with the next couple weeks when she works on the bottoms and does the glazing! Cool! Now that I can probably do! So, I am planning on going with her the next couple of Tuesdays.
Anyways, I called Dagan from the art building and he came and picked me up. We made a quick, right-before-closing trip to Petco. I picked up a small school of tetras to keep the lonely rummy nose company--hopefully. (They didn't have any rummy noses at Petco--and since the one I have left is pretty old, I figured I'd get some tetras closer to his size that maybe he could hang with in his old age--hehe!)
I was exhausted and slept thru the night again--tada! Leah is coming over today to make some birthday cards. She is also bringing some clay so we can do some hand-work. Not sure we will get to that today or not--we'll see. Or, I should say that I'm not sure she will get to it. I am not in any shape to do clay today. But I can fiddle with something and I love her company! And Dagan will come over after work, too! They are meeting friends for dinner at 7pm. Be a nice day!
Oh--PS--I did decide to email OAS and sent a photo of the scuffed up cover on my grinding stone. They are sending me a new cover free of charge! My faith is restored!! TaDa!!

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